Massage, Acupuncture & Reiki with Dr. Galya Loewenstein

I am Dr. Galya Loewenstein, a licensed acupuncturist with both California and National Board certification, Masters and Doctorate in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, BA in Psychology, AA in Performing Arts, and Reiki Master-Teacher certification. I have worked hands-on in the scientific community, including a trauma recovery & behavioral analysis lab and eye-tracking research committee at Binghamton University. I am incredibly intrigued by the bio-mechanisms which the human body employs to find and maintain homeostasis; as well as the mental-emotional patterns which influence one’s behavior, and overall health. In an effort to achieve a greater range of understanding, I have spent time working in several health centers and community wellness organizations. For instance, I served as an intern in Rady’s’ Children’s’ Hospital, UCSD Cancer Research Center, and Housing Works in NYC. These organizations have granted me experience with a wide range of patient populations including ICU, HEM/ONC, Post-op, orthopedic, musculoskeletal, fertility, pediatrics and geriatrics.

Now, with the credential list out of the way, let’s drop in!

I am an earth-loving, passionate, soulful, and eccentric individual, who is thoroughly intrigued by the mechanics of the human body, and a firm believer in incorporating the mind, body, and spirit in all elements of healing. My mission is to provide a safe space for all members of the human race to feel unconditional loving support and kindness within their healing journey. While I have done my work to receive the necessary prerequisites to facilitate professional medical care, I am a firm believer that true healing begins WITHIN.

I am a licensed Acupuncturist, Tui-Na and Swedish Massage therapist, and Reiki- Master Teacher! I offer all of the tools in my tool kit, including the modalities already listed, as well as Gua-sha, Fire-cupping, Chakra balancing, and Crystal healing.
I focus primarily on mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, and the realignment of all aspects of our energetic beings, to eliminate physical dis-ease in the body.
I have found that most times, our expressive symptoms are merely road maps to deeper issues, rooted in complex emotional stories and belief patterns.
As a healer, I work WITH you, not for you, or “on” you. YOU are the purest medicine, and innately hold ALL the keys to your healing!
So, expect to be encouraged to dive deeply into your own story, find the places in need of more attention & care, and be an active participate in writing your future.
I invite you to surrender all fear and doubt, in order make ample space for authentic vulnerability, so your divine truth can be fully expressed!!
I am so humbled and grateful to be of service to each of you beautiful souls!