Mary Elisabeth

Mary has devoted her life to bridging together the ancient wisdoms from many different cultures to uncover deeply transformational practices that heal the body, mind and soul. Her formal journey began fifteen years ago in the high deserts of Arizona studying Yoga, Astrology, Ayurveda, farming and weaving, The landscape and first native land stewards imparted the the energetic principles of living in beauty, and in harmony with nature’s cycles. This is when Mary developed a philosophy of nurturing life’s daily rituals as the ultimate form of medicine, and spiritual practice.

Mary received a degree in textiles focusing on plant dyes and sustainable development. Through her global travels she has had the fortune to study with many healers, artisans and reputable designers. Through their stories, traditions and ceremonies she absorbed powerful methods to mentally, and emotionally align oneself with the mystical process of creating art for personal well-being and the health of the planet.

Most recently, Mary has been working with the subtle bodies through Chi Gong under the guidance if a revered female Taoist Master and meditation with the lineage Kundalini Maha Yoga.

No matter the tool or ritual, if we can experience the power of our breath, a quietness in our minds and the enlivening of our hearts, we can experience all the magic of the universe in one eternal moment.

Mary guides her classes with a deep appreciation for all her teachers who live their truth and honor nature as their teacher.


Mary Elisabeth will be sharing Meditation Mat Creation