Marissa Correia

My mother’s birth was quick. She always said that giving birth was easier than going to the dentist. She hates the dentist. When labor began the nurse on the phone advised my mother to stay at home a while longer. But my mother told her how quickly the birth of my brother went and so they headed to the hospital. I did not cry when I was born. I looked around wide eyed taking it all in. From the beginning I preferred gradual transitions and arriving on my own time. From the beginning my mother’s anxiety ridden body challenged this need within me. The doctor himself could not appreciate this either and he hung me upside down by my feet and hit my bottom. This was my first experience of being outside of the Womb.

As I got into birth work I learned that super rapid births can be a result of having an intense fear of the process; of feeling. I got into birth work through feeling for the first time the trauma of my foremothers that lives inside my connective tissue. I got there by embracing the process; feeling. I have been navigating the acequias of this collective wound ever since.

My mother has always been anxious. She became this way out of necessity, out of survival. How could she need more time in a world that had none to give? I’ve always needed more time – time to choose, to feel, to think, to be. I am becoming this way out of necessity, out of survival of my wild creative essence.

Stewarding the reintegration of the feminine has looked many different ways for me over the years, yet it has consistently led me back to the universal truth that abundance is for everyone, that life is grown & dies in cycles, and that intact connection to the feminine means an intact connection to Creation.

Marissa Correia will be sharing Cycle Wise, and  Heal Women, Health Earth: Restoring the Matrix of Life