Mariana Mae

Mariana Mae

Mariana Mae is a tender of earth, water, wind and fire, an artist and visionary native to Coyoacan, Mexico. Mariana offers her work under the wingspan of Easy To Breathe, locally in the Valley of Ojai, California. Since 2015, she’s shared her clay work, cultural, educational offerings and series of women’s circles and ceremonial gatherings, intimately and globally.

Mariana’s work is anchored in the heart of expression, empowerment, ethnicity and ethics in our own understanding and identity of Self. Her path of service has guided her teachings in art therapy, women’s studies, linguistic anthropology, indigenous education and curanderismo. As a student of her Mexica lineage, she shares her voice as a cultural interpreter, ancestral craft educator, song carrier and language translator in retreats and ceremonies in Mexico and United States.

Mariana finds truth in that expression, language and communication are far deeper than words, but rather a work of art which carries a message of meaning and purpose. She believes each individual is born with a distinct way of learning thus a unique way of expressing oneself, and with hope that this exploration is truly a privilege, and an enjoyable, exhilarating journey.

Mariana treasures the blessing of sitting in circle, to behold and be held from the lens of our hearts, in remembrance to the gifts we are given in this life to discover and lead with, and in gratitude to the abundant, healing resources from our true place of origin, our Madre Tierra.

We are deeply honored to have Mariana Mae & Giovanna receiving Paola’s torch and offering Cacao Ceremony.