Maria Rose Sikyea

《❈》Ɂetthęn ts’ékuı《❈》gudzįh ma《❈》is a half breed copper dené, an indigenous mother, who has the dreams of a return. A return to her ancestral bush way of life, and within the action of such, believes that through her dedication of decolonization she can thus reconcile with the history made, to then rewrite history with hope for the next generations; giving her children a future of honourable ways, within mother earths cradling love.

Her footsteps speak to the connection of landbased interactions with her hands weaving within the cyclical interrelation of all things. Energy is within everything, therefore her work is to honour all the relations within the whole.

Being a hide tanner, bush woman, bush skills enthusiast, earth based crafter and one who is attempting to transition to live fully within the wilderness near her Dené homelands, which is 6hrs in the bush from closest bush town, she knows it it is of deep importance to speak to the honour of giving thanks, especially to the spirits of the fourlegged who nourish her family’s, bodies, minds and spirits. She views her art, a way of life within the living, a giving thanks to the offerings of creation, so she can provide and live forward, in a good way. A living prayer.

Maria Rose will be traveling fresh from a Dené Moose Hide Camp in the North West Territories to share Mukluk making with a few Spirit Weavers Sisters.