Manuela Varela Garay

Manuela Varela Garay was born in Bogotá, Colombia where she became yoga instructor from the Kundalini Research Institute.
For more than fifteen years she has been learning and teaching different therapeutic methodologies and practices for health.

Manuela has a masters in philosophy and universal technologies of yoga that she studied for five consecutive years in the Unifinismo school in Bogotá where she also deepened in the Prana mudra asana technique systematized by Luis Alirio Agudelo. Currently she is in the process of certification for studies in therapeutic and restorative yoga for the pelvis in United States CA by the teacher Leslie Howard.

Manuela is advanced level Moon Mother and is certified by Miranda Gray to work as a menstrual educator and womb healer therapist.
She studied fertility awarness method with Adriana Gil Rodriguez and learned about herbs and ancestral knowledge of the menstrual cycle with Zulma Moreyra from Argentina, she has also taken courses with Red school, Sophia Style and Erika Irustra among other schools and teachers.

Manuela is the creator of Hermágica project in charge of spreading the menstrual wisdom and other topics that contribute to the second education of women’s health, currently she collaborates with other feminine projects and practices ancestral knowledge who guide her profession focused in working with women.

Manuela Varela Garay will be sharing Conscious Fertility: Natural Family Planning Method and Menstrual Moon Charting.