Mama Earth Medicine Dance

IMG_2274The Earth needs our healing vibration. The medicine our animal helpers and allies bring can guide us in how we can begin the healing process. They show us a way of being, they gift us with their wisdom and knowing through all time. We call our allies and helpers into our bodies, we feel what they feel, we dance what they dance, we know what they know.
In this ceremony we will create sacred space, I will dance in my animal guide to help me hold this space and weave the magic of this ceremony, we will share a talking bowl, drum journey to the lower realms to meet our Earth healing guides and allies and learn about their medicine. Then paint a symbol with ocre on our bodies with the mark of our animal guide. We dance in our animal medicine in a circle held by drummers. This a form of the long dance, with a feminine circle, a masculine circle and a central circle for the animals to emerge in their dance. As we dance in our animal helpers medicine we learn the potency, power and gifts they bring. This is all free movement, with no dance or journey experience necessary. The space will be safe and gentle to journey and explore as you wish.

Mama Earth Medicine Dance will be shared by Talaluh Gough.