Makhosi Himi Gogo Thule

Makhosi Himi Gogo Thule

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Makhosi Himi Gogo Thule Ngane is a Sangoma priestess, diviner, prayer warrior, & healer. Her work is dedicated to using ancestral shamanic practices and ceremonial traditions to facilitate healing, activations and growth.

As a thought-leader, visionary and storyteller her words have been featured on The Kraal, Wake Up World, MindBodyGreen, and other online publications. Her healing practice is rooted in ancient African cosmologies & spiritual traditions that elevate our consciousness. She walks the path of a wisdom keeper devoted to preserving and honoring the ancestral way of healing.

“I am guided by the Amadlozi, elevated ancestors of my lineages from West & Southern Africa. With the blessing of my elders, I am here to walk this path with you when you hear the call.”

Classes:: Cosmic Dreamer Circle & Channeling the Stars – Ancestral Sound Prayer Circle