Madeleina Bolduc

Madeleina Bolduc, a certified Clinical Medical Herbalist, has been cultivating the art of herbalism and ritual for twenty years. She leads groups in transformative, therapeutic sessions and has held a private practice for the past eighteen years.
She is a Holistic Practitioner, integrating Clinical Medical Herbalism, nutrition, Traditional Chinese and Tibetan Medicine, Energy Medicine, communication skills, spiritual counseling and indigenous wisdom. She is an educator of natural medicine, mindfulness and meditation practices, a workshop facilitator, ceremony officiant, artist and ritualist.
As an only child growing up in the Colorado mountains, she spent most of her time talking with the natural world. Raised in the eclectic diversity of the Naropa University, she was trained by Tibetan meditation masters, artists and indigenous elders in the practices of everyday magic, consciousness and world wisdom traditions. She had the great blessing to be a first generation Western Buddhist in the Sangha of the illustrious Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.
Madeleina chose to develop the path of medicine by completing a three year clinical program at the Rocky Mountain Center of Botanical Studies, and completing her clinical studies with Paul Bergner in 1999.  Since then, she has traveled throughout South and Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and China studying with shamans, curanderas, master healers, doctors and medicine people, among them the beloved Miss Beatrice Waight, Miss Hortense Robinson and Rosita Arvigo. Dr Nida Chenagtsang, Donna Eden and Will Morris also hold revered places as beloved and influential teachers in the medicine mandala.
With the encouragement of her teachers, Madeleina has developed a holistic understanding by integrating many healing modalities. She is certified as a massage therapist, radical counselor, Reiki practitioner, Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, and Clinical Medical Herbalist. As well, she is trained in the practices of nonviolent communication, expressive arts therapy and somatic movement and performance arts. She finds that these bring freshness and diversity to her students and clients. She was both a visiting teacher and core faculty at various herbal schools, as well as Clinical Supervisor.
Currently, Madeleina teaches a year long Elemental Wisdom Immersion, virtual training programs, maintains her private practice, and leads Grief Rituals in the lineage of the beloved, late Sobonfu Some. She is a devoted student of the illustrious maestro, Martin Prechtel, is training with master teacher Adam Gainsberg in Open Human Heart work, and is developing a training program for Cultural Creatives and modern entrepreneurs.
As a re-Weaver of Culture, Madeleina is passionately dedicated to the preservation and cross-pollination of intact wisdom and healing traditions, while infusing them with fresh color and perspective. She loves teaching people about the Vitality of plants, our Relationships to the Elements and the incredibly diverse ways in which we can kneel and kiss the ground, while encouraging Life to thrive!


Madeleina Bolduc will be sharing Mayan Herbal BathingPachamama Maca Ceremony,  and Ancient Vitality: Fearlessness through Tibetan Yogas and the Taoist Three Treasures