Macrame’ with Intention “Holding the Land”

We will be creating a Macrame’ Wall Hanging that Holds the Spirit Weavers Land. This will be an offering of thanks to the land for finding us and embracing us for all of the Spirit Weavers Gatherings now and to come. Each piece will be made using a piece of wood or branch and a small rock (a little smaller than palm size) from the land. The rope will be hung from the branch from the land. Interweaving us with the trees that speak to us and awaken as we spend time with them. We will Macrame’ a little holder for the rock into the wall hanging. This will symbolize us holding the land and caring for her. Offering her a safe haven and a place to flourish as she does the same for us. We will discuss intentions as we work on the pieces and how when you hold an intention in your heart as you work it incorporates into the piece you have created. I will teach several key Macrame’ knots and students will have the freedom to create their own patterns with the knots I teach them. I will also provide bits of rope and yarn that have been dyed with natural dyes to incorporate as accents into the piece.

Macrame with Intention “Holding the Land” will be shared by Nikki Katz.