Mackenzie Madrone

I am a song gatherer from many traditions with a passion to weave women together to experience song as an ancient form of connection. Singing is a ancestral skill, perhaps one of the most important! To sing is elemental and natural. It expresses that which words alone cannot. I believe in the power that arises when women gather to give voice to the unseen. I believe we all have a song born within us. We each have a voice that is all-powerful and all-knowing that exists deep inside. I believe this voice can create magic in our world and can heal our bodies with the vibration it creates. This voice inside is waiting to be sung into creation. Each of us is a vessel for manifestation, creation, and beautifying the world. I believe we are here for this; we are here to sing ourselves alive. My mission is to support women in finding the song inside herself.

Mackenzie Madrone will be sharing Re-Wilding the Voice: An Invitation to Sing and Free Your Inner Songstress.