Luna Love

Luna is a woman of Devotion.

Devoted to beauty, remembrance, alignment, and embodiment of the Divine here and now.

Intentionally creating beauty within and around. Growing up watching her single mother thoughtfully make all the things in their lives from pastries to letters, gifts, their meals, and clothes with the intention of beauty, Luna aspires to continue that legacy in her remembrance.

Luna is a mentor, writer, and facilitator who supports women in embracing greater personal leadership, emotional mastery, and intuition so they can give their Divine Contribution. In addition, she is a devoted medicine woman, social justice advocate, lover of flowers, and artist. Traveling for in-depth study with indigenous elders and curanderas as a shamanic practitioner, she has found healing and wholeness within and a connection to all Life that fuels each of her steps.

She lovingly dances in the shadows and has welcomed grief as an ally in her life. Pleasure is her medicine. Reclaiming the full spectrum of this existence and being a guide for others to do the same.

The path of remembering through Ancestral Arts gives Luna a deepened connection to herself, the Earth, the elements and all Life that allow her hands to craft as a way to honor and give back to that which provides all nourishment. It is her greatest gift to share these ways.

Luna Love will be sharing Pampootie Shoe Making