Lullabies to Wake Us

Lullabies to Wake Us


Lullabies to Wake Us: A Night Time Sound Journey with Lorka & The Echo Orchestra

Join us under the stars for a special night time set with harpist, vocal looper and dream-poet, Lorka Scher. Lorka’s melodies have been described as intimate, haunting and profoundly healing— soothing the nervous system while stirring the heart. Songs of earth, memory, longing and home.

Lorka loops live instrumentation while layering breath, wordless melody and cello between verses.

Allow your body to melt into the support of the earth as delicate harmonies echo, bend and weave alongside the forest’s breath.

Bring a blanket and pillow. Rest is encouraged.

Lullabies to Wake Us will be shared by Lorka Scher