Lua Cheia

Lua Cheia

Lua Cheia is a womban devoted in full service to the preservation, protection & restoration of the sacred waters of life. Service to Gaia is her truest prayer through living life in the purest integrity possible. She is an eternal student and Open Crystalline Channel of the timeless wisdom of the Mystery and divine Mother. With her feet on the ground, connected to the divine, she listens to the subtle and deep teachings directly through the elements and natural world. Devoted from the core of her being to living in tandem with Unconditional Love, The Beauty Way, Compassion, Freedom, Truth, Purity of mind, body, spirit, Integrity, Impeccability, Justice, Restoration, Creativity, Peace, Prayer, Honor & Devotion.

She is a womban of the waters, child of the sacred mother, a voice, muse, musician, channel, herbalist, woman of prayer, activist, permaculturist, poet, writer, artist.

Her foundation is rooted in embodied wellness practices. She has & continues to study herbalism, holistic health, sacred self care, Ayurveda, detoxing methodologies, fasting, dietas, womb purification, celibacy, ancestral arts & healing modalities for over 14 years. She has applied herself to over thousands of hours of research & study with deep devotion to this beautiful, sacred path.

She has spent the last 14 years of her life learning through ceremony, prayer, ancestral healing, death & birth, sound healing, earth ritual, rites of passage & deep initiation.

Lua Cheia will be sharing Botanical Integrative Self Care Sensorium.