Lizzy Jeff

Lizzy Jeff’s love affair with self healing and scribing inspiring rap poetry has placed her at the top of a new wave. She’s an activist for peace and love, committed to serving others and elevating consciousness. Her ability to empower people through living in their truths and sharing their light is one of her natural superpowers. She’s a mystic and a Medicine Woman in every sense. Through workshops, personal consultations and private events, Lizzy has curated a life dedicated to higher living via Cannabis and community. She’s on a path inspired by healing the racial divide and committed to showing the world how cannabis can mend that gap.

Whether hosting her own creatively curated Zen & Kush event, teaching the world about sacred plant medicine or sharing enchanted universal rhymes, Lizzy leaves sprinkles of inspiration everywhere she goes. Dedicated to inspiring the community through self love rituals and all things sacred, Lizzy Jeff makes for a wonderful guide to Higher vibrations.