Artist Village

Watch a painting come to life!  Join us in the Artist Village to honor and witness our talented visual artists as they generously share their gifts and skills, live, throughout the gathering.

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Artist Village Leads

Lynzee Lynx

Lynzee Lynx is a multi-disciplinary creative creature making art and magic for lifetimes who brings the inter-dimensional deep sauce to the creative table. She is an art and embodiment teacher, a jewelry designer / online business owner, mama of two, earth explorer and place maker.

Flora Bowley

Flora Bowley is a painter, creative pioneer, and author of two books, Brave Intuitive Painting and Creative Revolution.  Her soulful and empowering approach to the creative process has inspired thousands of people to pick up a paintbrush for the first time. Flora lives and creates in Portland, OR and offers retreats around the world.

Anahata Joy

Anahata Katkin Alaskan-bred, Atlanta based artist developed her passion for the arts by trial-and-error discovery.  Anahata creates original paintings, drawings and illustrations that have woven a heart centered landscape of off-beat icons and illustrations that have comprised the PAPAYA!  brand signature aesthetic. Anahata thrives in the place where pretty n gritty meet. Following a series of impulses she likes to call “creative abandon”.

Rose Drummond

Rose is an ecofeminist ink and watercolor artist always intrigued with creating new world goddesses woven into the fabric of the ecological landscapes that she inhabits and visits. She was born in Swinomish territory and currently lives in Nooksack territory outside of Bellingham, WA. You can find her at @roseunfolding.

Jaime Lee

Jaime Lee Christiana is a multidisciplinary artist living in Portland, Oregon. Through each art form , especially weaving, she seeks clarity, meditation and communication with/through color, texture and structure. @talismanweavings  Mantra: I am love, all around me is love. Spirit Animal: Spider

Lindy Kehoe

Lindy Kehoe, Gemini sun, Leo moon, Taurus rising, quests to cultivate living portals of resonating color that bring forth healing and inspiration to an inclusive viewer.

She received her BFA in 2002 from Ohio University, and has been working as a sovereign painter and illustrator ever since. She is a featured artist in We’Moon date book beginning in 2005. In 2010 “The Last Wild Witch” was published and awarded the Silver Nautilus, an awesome collaboration with Star Hawk.

She lives and loves on the Rogue River of Oregon, and draws deep the daily rich natural beauty of river life.

Simone Star

Simone Star is an artist and psychotherapists who seeks to communicate diverse human experience, themes of social justice, and traces of the ineffable through the language of visual art. Simone’s work includes painting and beadwork among other media. A portion of all art proceeds are donated to support indigenous rights.