Lisa Preuninger

Lisa Preuninger is a a soil building cultivator, folk herbalist, researcher, writer, maker, and caregiver. Her work is based around the principle that proper education, rather than fear, teaches respect. With that respect, we practice conscious consumption. With conscious consumption, we heal.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Lisa’s initiation into plant medicine began in January 2014, when she moved to California following the incomplete paralysis of her partner in a motorcycle accident. It was through this move that she began to understand the difference between Marijuana and Cannabis – the former being a misunderstood street name that masks the true healing powers of an incredible plant.

Soon after learning to treat her partner’s intense muscle spasms with topical cannabis, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and it was then that she dove deep into learning about the healing properties of Cannabis. Four years later, she works in patient advocacy and Cannabis education, focusing on functional applications of multiple cannabinoids as a supplement to healing nutrition and mindful practices.

Her work can be found at and on Instagram @CAREfarmacy.


Lisa Preuninger will be sharing Cannabis & Healing