Leigh McDaniel

Leigh McDaniel

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Leigh McDaniel is a well womb witch and ritualist. She came to this work because she needed it. She wasn’t able to receive, love freely, be safe in her body, in her pleasure, power and possibility, without tending to the sexual trauma, everyday trespasses, and physical issues from birthing her beautiful babies.

Leigh is a Professional Women’s Pelvic Bodywork practitioner trained by Martin Beaudoin and is certified in Holistic Pelvic Care™ as taught by Tami Lynn Kent. She offers hand on hands in radical Well Womb Care, abdominal massage, fascia and lymph work, scar remediation, emotional and nutritional support, plant healing, light touch therapy, and teaching around womb steaming and castor pack use. This work supports healing around physical challenges in the abdomen, pelvic bowl, vulva, and vagina; from incontinence, IBS, prolapse, pain during sex, to vulvodynia and lots more. It also delves into healing shame, fear, and trauma, and expands body love, self-trust, power, sovereignty and creativity.

She has had many teachers and trainings over the years, some a single online class or in-person workshop, some longer online courses, months long trainings, or years long in-person work – all have had an impact on how she works, what she shares, and the medicine she is so honored to be carrying with deep reverence for all those who came before that share wisdom around caring for bodies with internal sexual anatomy.

Leigh McDaniel will be sharing Juice, In Devotion to Womb & Soul