Laura Sullivan

Nature is my number one! It is an honor to be alive walking this earth and learning how to ever better tend her cycles. Whether it is art or farming, all of my best work is done in reverence to Nature. In the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, a few nature-based projects are currently keeping me fed. Much of my work happens in the Hemp field as Vermont dances on the forefront of America’s (re)exploration of Cannabis Hemp economy, When I’m not processing the harvest, I can be lost wandering the gorgeous forests surrounding my home as Mother to my young puppy, or helping out at my community’s food co-op. At my fullest, I am a Creatrix fueling the flow of my modest hustle Pipe Dream Garments; making items from botanically dyed plant and animal fibers for practical use or adornment. Every aspect of our material lives has an energy, and we are constantly in the flux of exchanging with those energies. At Spirit Weavers I will be offering Pine Needle Basketry, where we will have the opportunity to exchange energies with raw earth materials from the Mother herself, but you can also find me holding down the Roots Tent– where we can talk seed saving, squash beetles, or how to show up in our resilience for Mother Earth! Its all hempening…!

Laura Sullivan will be sharing Pine Needle Basketry