Latin American Women’s Circle

Latin American Women’s Circle

“Latin American Women’s Circle: healing wounds towards conscious activism. ”

With Latin America in turmoil, women are challenging the current system as activists, militants, and agents for impact and transformation.

In this meeting we’re going to draw our cartography as Latin Women inside out, sketching the lines of forces that transpass us.

Through movement, singing, storytelling, and shamanic and ceremonial journeying, we’re going to work on our pain bodies to resignify our stories, memories, corporalities and affects connected to our common origins, singularities and subjectivities.

Once we recognize where we came from and those who came before us, we’re able to strengthen our voices, take ownership of our narratives, and find our most powerful expressions for taking action.

Morena Cardoso will be facilitating “Latin America Women’s Circle: Healing wounds towards conscious activism”.