Las Abuelas: An Ode to The Grandmothers

We are the descendants of ancestral wisdom that has been passed down from our Grandmother’s womb. Her wisdom is being reactivated through us. She is asking for each of us to call Her into Sacred Circle so we can listen, release and heal together. We will also call in the Star Grandmothers who are very much guiding the collective. I will be guiding our circle through intention setting, circle shares, sacred movement and ancestral healing meditation and rituals. Please bring items for our collective altar that honor your Abuela, your Grandmothers and/or the Grandmother Spirits, along with bringing your journal. We will share personal stories, any Consejos (wisdom from our Grandmothers) and special downloads that we will personally receive from this sacred time and space together. This is a powerful time to experience clear guidance and insight for your life path via your Abuelas (your grandmother) and the wise woman within. You may experience ancestral healing, closure and peace.

Las Abuelas: An Ode to The Grandmothers will be shared by Angelica Tonatzin