Land as our First Healer: Connecting with the Earth

Land as our First Healer: Connecting with the Earth

Join Jacqui, a Yakama mixed Plant Medicine person, in deepening your connection to the Land, Ancestors & Self through traditional teachings and guided Plant Medicine journeys. This is a workshop meant to reawaken & remember our inherent connection with the Earth. To spark your natural ability to commune with the unseen worlds, and be in deep relation with all that is. To remember your belonging.

You will be guided through connecting to various Plant Medicines in a drum journey, silent communication, somatic experiences, as well as practical teachings.

This is a workshop geared toward deepening our relationship to the Plants, Land, and ultimately ourselves in the process. My intention is that you will leave feeling a deeper sense of connection, relationship to the Land, belonging here on Earth, and ways to practically engage & communicate with Plants. As well as deepened responsibility for justice for all Humxn, and Non-humxn Kin. Bridging scientific and traditional knowledge to bring deeper healing to our Communities, the Land, and Ourselves.

Brief Plant Medicine Walk if time & space allow <3

Land as our First Healer: Connecting & Communicating with the Earth will be offered by Jacqui Wilkins.