Kyra Rogowska

There is beauty in ceremony, but there is even more beauty to live one’s life in a ceremonial way.

Kyra is a pilgrim on this beautiful Earth – an initiate of tradition on a path of self discovery, truth and service. A devoted student of Taino elder, Maestro Manuel Rufino, she has been actively learning and sharing the art of health and happiness… life as it is meant to be lived. Through her travels to the Earth’s sacred places and with elders of many sacred traditions, she learns the ancient ways of the feminine and the family. With the blessings of these wisdom keepers, she develops within herself and shares with others the art of harmonious relationships with all beings on all planes.

As a founding member of the Golden Drum Community Center and a Board Member of the NPO Movement of the American Solar Culture, Kyra develops educational programs and workshops which create a platform for elders to share their teachings and reeducate participants how to live in a state of true harmony with the Earth, the Cosmos and humanity.

Kyra is a founding member, Investor and lover of Jungle Café, a vegan restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. Jungle Café guides people back to a positive healing relationship with food and as such, the Earth.

Kyra is grateful to walk the path of awakening and prays that all beings learn to cohabitate peacefully and harmoniously and guide each other lovingly towards freedom and illumination.

Kyra will be sharing Heart of the Earth Drum Making Ceremony as well as Dream Seed Shamanic Sound Healing!