Kristen Portney

Kristen Portney has an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and is a trained birth and abortion doula. She has focused her studies and work towards creating compassionate abortion care in a time where women’s reproductive health and services are under attack. She believes that access to abortion is a basic human right and that aftercare, counseling, community, and ritual should be considered integral parts of post-abortion care. Kristen knows from personal experience how challenging, liberating, and confusing life can feel after terminating a pregnancy. She has had more than one abortion and has dedicated her path towards understanding and addressing the many nuances of contemporary abortion care. She works to create spaces that provides tenderness, presence, humor, and compassion as a container for healing grief and stigma unique to abortion, as well as transforming collective narratives about abortion and the people who have them. Finally, Kristen loves storytelling, altar building, sweeping, coffee, and awkward high-fives.

Kristen Portney will be sharing Abortion Healing