Kristen Portney

Kristen is a Marriage and Family Therapist and received her MA in Psychology from The California Institute of Integral Studies. During her studies Kristen trained as an abortion doula and a birth doula to support her curiosity and passion around serving women with pregnancy experience regardless of outcome. She continues to focus her work on creating compassionate post-abortion care in a time where women’s reproductive health and services are still under attack.
Kirsten has had multiple abortions and has dedicated her path towards understanding and addressing the many nuances of contemporary abortion care. In her work with groups and individuals she explores integrating a full spectrum of feelings, experiences, and perspectives through storytelling, community building, and ritual. Kristen lives and works in Berkeley CA. You can often find her talking to her cats, reading the same book over again, and spending time with the people she loves. Kristen enjoys quiet early mornings, home made coffee, perfectly cooked rice, and laughing at her self.


Kristen Portney will be offering Abortion Healing.