Koji fermentation with body heat

Koji fermentation with body heat

Koji (Aspergillus oryzae) is an important fungus used in many fermented Japanese staples, such as miso, soy sauce and sake.
It is often made using different types of equipment, a dedicated incubation space and frequent monitoring.

However, in this workshop we will explore alternatives, by looking to old and more natural techniques that can be used in fermentation practices in general.

Together, we will make koji using an incubation method called “daki-koji” (daki = embrace). It is a simple and intimate way, where we carry the bundle of koji against our bodies to keep it warm. We will collectively do this, taking turns to carry and tend to the koji baby – using our senses to guide our way.

When koji rice is ready, it will be passed on to the second workshop: Miso fermentation, where it will be used to start a batch of miso!
The entire process will be a collective effort, to successfully birth this miso that will be shared by both workshop participants.

You are welcome to join in on just one workshop or both!

Mo Laflamme will be sharing Koji fermentation with body heat & Miso fermentation