Ancestral Healing with Koa Mikaelah

Koa Mikaelah is a third generation medicine woman of Venezuelan + Cuban descent. Birthed into a long lineage of curanderas from South America and a raised Spiritist, the healing arts community has been a home for Koa since the day she was born. She combines her latinx earth medicine roots with her studies of healing modalities from around the world to curate deep + beautiful healing ceremonies around the US.

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In this offering we come together to co-create a personal ceremony that will hold us as we journey together into the Spirit world. With the guidance of Spirit, breath, plant + animal allies, and song we will dive into the subconscious to connect with the ancestors and hear their stories. Through their guidance and our free will we are able to heal our lineage and clear the bloodline of generational trauma, as well as step into the support of the generations of ancestors that are holding us throughout this life. This ceremony connects us directly with the essence of who we are and leaves us feeling better connected to where we come from. You are able to go as deep or light as you may like all the while feeling safe, held, and nurtured within your body. Please bring any items you wish to place on the altar and wear comfortable clothing.

Thank you for trusting me to serve. I am here for you.