Katina Mercadante

Katina Mercadante

Katina Mercadante is a filmmaker and empowerer of empowerers.

She empowers leaders throughout the world to access their highest potential and unleash the “abundance that is their birthright.” Her initiation to the path of empowerment began on the Swahili Coast of Kenya where she studied with indigenous healers. After a yearlong residency she found many of the healers (waganga) relying on her for support and guidance. Thus began her ten-year path of remembering and reawakening empowerment skills with many teachers throughout the world.

Katina also works as a director, creating short films and commercials for clients such as Apple, Facebook, and Volkswagen. Her short films have displayed at the TED Talk Global Conferences, the Oprah Winfrey Network, and received numerous awards including a Cannes Gold Lion. Before founding her company, “The Mercadantes,” Katina produced international documentaries at the United Nations. She specializes in telling stories that illuminate universal truths and empower viewers to see the beauty in their own unique existence.

Katina lives and works between New York City, San Francisco, Western Connecticut, and the Blackfoot Confederacy (Alberta Blood Reserve). A disciple of Paramanhansa Yogananda from birth, Katina is also a Moon Dancer at Teotihuacan and a descendant of the Amskapi Piikani, Celtic, and indigenous people of what is now Switzerland. She is a graduate of Amherst College where she majored in Black Studies and Fine Art.


Katina Mercadante will be teaching Spiritweavers Initiation as well as the fireside welcome on Thursday evening.