Karen Prosen

Karen Prosen

Karen is a women’s guide and witness, therapist, photographer, and artist focused on social justice and spirituality in her 1-1 and group mentorship work. She is grateful for her many teachers and guides on the path, and offers her work with 12 years of experience.

Lately she has been focused on serving blooming fem leaders, sacred activists, and creatives learning to walk the path of vesselhood, transformation, and self-initiation.

She is the creator of the Womb Church Mystery School and partners with Luna Isbell-Love to lead EXALT | Devotional Immersions Remembering the Magdalene-Rose Consciousness in the US and internationally.

She recently returned to her ‘homelands’ of South Florida after 7 years in Sonoma County, CA and is relishing in the warm Atlantic waters with the tropical fruits and flowers.

When she’s not ‘working’, she’s painting, hopefully swimming, finding the balance between nesting and traveling, and likely leaving the water boiling in a devotional, creative frenzy!

Karen Prosen will be sharing Magdalene Remembrance: The Contemplative Activist and The Celtic/Christian Reconnection.