Kailea Frederick & Justine Epstein
Ancestry & Positionality within the Pandemic

Kailea Frederick & Justine Epstein
Ancestry & Positionality within the Pandemic

“Who are my ancestors, what is my positionality and what does it mean for me to show up to the world right now?” This workshop makes visible the invisible, focusing on ancestry in service of decolonization, liberation and healing. These times of change and uncertainty exasperated by the pandemic are asking us to deeply examine our social locations, and call us to recognize and redistribute power towards a more just and equitable world.

Utilizing storytelling, mindfulness and somatics as a way to craft our container, we will invite the sharing of personal lineages, and explore how we are knitted into the fabric of this collective present moment. With some basic principles for understanding systems of oppression, we hope to reveal how each of us can leverage our lives in service to collective healing and liberation. We will close the workshop with making commitments to move forward in learning and praxis in our households, families and communities.

Co-facilitated by Justine Epstein, a white womxn descended from the first colonizers of North America, and Kailea Frederick, a First Nations womxn descended from matrilineal peoples of Northern Canada, we hope our shared leadership can embody solidarity and honoring of difference. The Spirit Weavers ally-ship booklet will anchor us with language and resources, which Kailea edited as a founding member of the Come-UNITY village (Spirit Weaver’s center for equity and collective liberation at this gathering).

We invite attendees to journal on the following questions:

Who are your ancestors?
What stories do you carry from your ancestors?
How do you see your ancestors informing your life?



Additionally, we would like to invite participants to take a look at the Spirit Weavers Allyship Booklet. (Please follow up with Kailea about details for distributing this resource to attendees).