Julia Inglis

Julia lives in a magical rainforest in Australia with her husband Tony and dog Fox. There were many women in her family drawn to healing and at the age of 13 she began to read the Tarot for others. At the age of 29 Julia was invited to assist visionary artist, Vali Myers, who became her mentor, friend and teacher. When Vali passed from this world Julia created Sacred Familiar. For the last 15 years she has held space for dreaming, healing and vision circles in Melbourne and during this time received the ancestral teachings of the Swan from her grandmother to help heal and clear the memory and trauma of what happened to the witches, healers and wise women in the ‘burning times’. Her grandmother reminded her that we are ‘beholden to no-one’ and the Swan asked for this work to be called Swan Blessing.

Five years ago after experiencing strong dreams and messages to leave the city, Julia moved to Sherbrooke Forest and began to create with her hands again. Almost as soon as she arrived in the forest she began to make plant spirit dolls filled with leaves and herbs gathered in the forest and needlefelted from pure wool and fiber. She feels that the practice of working with nature and by hand awakens memory and ancestral folklore and that when they are left as offerings to ancestors and the forgotten, that they can become a bridge to healing.

Julia now travels holding keening rituals and ceremonies dedicated to the spirits of the women and children of the Magdalene Laundries in Australia and Ireland and returns to her ancestral lands of Scotland to gift dolls at the sites where women were persecuted as witches, connecting with descendants and local women to clear and redeem the name of the witch, the healer and the herbalist. Last year she was invited to take part in a ceremony for the outcast dead at the Cross Bones graveyard in London and to meet others who are also on the path of magical activism and pilgrimage to sing back love into the land at sites that were once full of shame and pain.

She is honoured to be returning to share the work of her hands and heart with the women of Spirit Weavers Gathering. Julia will be sharing Medicine and Spirit Doll and Swan Blessing Ancestral Ceremony