Judith Bragar

Judith Bragar


Judith has lived many different lives and adventures, traveling for 10 years from one end of Latin America to the other, studying the cultures and cuisines of the people she met, and birthing her 2 daughters, one in a tipi and the other in the camper on the back of a pickup truck.

She has been a homesteader and steward of the first certified organic blueberry farm in Maine, growing and preserving the food for her family, running a craft gallery, spinning wool and weaving, designing and creating knitted and woven goods to sell. She is still an organic gardener on her tiny patch of paradise in southern California.

Judith is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice with an emphasis on mindfulness practices, trauma work, and psychospiritual counseling. She has worked with people with disabilities, families involved with child protective services, in residential treatment with adolescents, and as a Hospice social worker supporting patients and their families through death and grief.

Judith is a writer, artist, and a proud Crone.

Judith will be sharing The Only Way Out is Through: working with the grief we all experience in life, and Death Cafe: exploring death and how to live with it.