Joy Catherine McEwen

Joy was born and raised on the edge of Chicago and as a child spent lots of time sailing Lake Michigan with her grandfather and cousins. At nineteen after Jerry Garcia died, she set out for Oregon and has been here ever since. She came to the Illinois Valley 15 years ago to start a farm and to grow healthy children around wilderness with clean air and clean water. Six years ago, Joy and her family, hoping to share their creativity and flavor with their greater community, opened a natural foods store featuring their farm products in the heart of Cave Junction. Diggin’ Livin’ Natural Foods and Organic Cafe is also the brewery for Joy’s Jun kombucha, apothecary for the honey medicines, and office to her Apitherapy practice. She and her partner, Eric, lead beekeeping classes from the small stage at the store about beekeeping, and specifically their own design, Natural Nest beekeeping.
Joy has a Masters of Science degree from Oregon State University in Environmental Science with an emphasis of small farms/school gardens. She and her family and employees currently care for about 650 honeybee colonies and 100 chickens in the beautiful Illinois Valley. Joy gives a whole hearted welcome to the Spirit Weaver community for coming to this Valley. Your presence here is truly a gift to the land and people!


Joy will be sharing Apitherapy and Keeping Bees Naturally.