Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out. It’s Time to FLY. You are your own song. You have Your own personal Vibration and Your Frequency is Yours to tune…Can you hear it deep within? Do not forget this. You are the only one that can listen to Your Souls Journey in this lifetime…and Color and Sound have the ability to open the gateway to go deep within to remember.
Be Your Own Spirit Warrior. LOVE IS THE MESSAGE.

New Jersey Born, Cosmically Made. JoleneStar is the Owner of The Enchanted Heart: A Color and Sound Vibrational Wellness Center located in Ridgewood, NJ. Specializing in Deep Soul Work, Chakra Mapping, Vibrational Sound Medicine, Crystal Cosmic Sound Ceremony, Aura-Soma, Ritual Adornment and Creating Magic, JoleneStar was born to share A Greater Compassion with the World.

A Lover of Traveling to Distant Lands, Cracking Codes and Throwing Magic, you can almost always find her leaving a bit of sparkle in her trail. A deep love for Humanity and the simple thought that this whole World is made up of People helping People, is what sets Jolene’s Heart ablaze.

We are ALL Connected. Weaving the Web of this lifetime. Through Color, Sound and Ritual Adornment-We Build this Ceremony of Life Together. Dedicated to bringing the Global Community together on The Vibrations of Love…Let’s Soar. Arriving on a Shooting Star, Jolene Star is excited to return to Spirit Weavers for her 6th year, Beads and Bowls and Rainbows in tow, join her In the Healing Village on a Magical Cloud of Love. Explore more with JoleneStar at


JoleneStar will be offering: Spinning Your Color Wheels of Light: Chakra Adornment and The Ananda Mandala Meditation, Crystal Cosmic Sound Ceremony and Aura-Soma Sessions in The Healing Village.