The Tea Temple Awaits……

The Tea Temple Awaits……

Returning for another year honoring the sacred ritual of tea, The Tea Temple at Spirit Weavers will be back celebrating with ceremony in the heart of the redwoods. The tradition of tea is something that we hold very dear as a beautiful way to greet the day, and commune together in a ritual of preparation and gratitude. 2015-Spirit-Weavers-9988 (1)Whether you are joining us for the sunrise and your morning meditation or taking in the leaf as the day comes to a close, the Tea Temple is always a sacred and nourishing time for all. We cherish this space, we cherish these women and we cherish the tea.

 Cha Dao-The Way of Tea

Inside the Tea Temple it is 6am and the first meditation is about to be served. One by one, women quietly enter in to the subtle tones of a flute softly teasing the air and the whispers of a kettle dancing atop the fire. An immediate sense of tranquility holds the space as each sister finds a comfortable place to sit for this morning’s tea. Here is the space for nourishment, cleansing, and grounding. A sacred space to slowly wake up together, shifting any discomforts, and opening our hearts. A place to sit and be gently held in a warm embrace. A place to remember. Tea is a great plant teacher, its medicine first cultivated by the Chinese hermits and sages. Drinking this Leaf in ceremony allows us to explore our senses and experience a deeper state of presence. It connects us: to nature, the Self, and the community around us. The saying goes Tea clears the mind, opens the heart, and illuminates the spirit. I am blessed to serve. To sit each morning and share this practice that has so profoundly change my life.
Baelyn Tien Wu 

    We are overjoyed to welcome back our Tea sister community who will be helping to pour tea, assist with water and hold the space!

Our Tea Sisters for the Sun Session are:

Baelyn Elspeth, Skylar Rote, Mia Maestro, Tracy McCarty, Amelia Franklin, and Sabina Padilla.

Our Tea Sisters for the Moon Session are:

Baelyn Elspeth, Yvonne Gallapagos, Jessica Kollar, Mikki Sage, and Mea Woodruff.

For more info on the Tea Temple, please email