Reiki with Jessi Campbell

Ever since Jessi was a little girl, she has believed in magic. Always curious. Always imagining. At around 5 or 6 years old, she remembers looking down at her hands, knowing they had healing powers. Her most-loved activities included splashing around in the creek, crushing acorns for potions, air guitar, and pretending to be her favorite animals. Over the years, these first loves have evolved and expanded, but their essence is still the same. From dance to theatre, from permaculture and plants to singing and playing drums in a band, from tea ceremony to reiki and everything in between, her wild passion to facilitate magical transformation is the force behind all her many loves and creative endeavors. All crafted and carried out by her healing hands.

Jessi is a level II practitioner from the Tera Mai Seichem lineage. She has also received a Violet flame attunement as well as a YOD attunement, the first of 21 Egyptian cartouche initiations.

Jessi offers reiki healing sessions which include crystals, sound healing instruments, and essential oils. She works with a pendulum to locate blockages along the chakra system, and with the help of her guides and yours, she gently removes these blockages and gives your whole body and surrounding energy field a “tune-up”. Jessi believes reiki is a beautiful anecdote for these current times. In tune with the shifting paradigm, she feels it to be a softer, more feminine approach to healing that can have a profound effect on our whole being: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Reiki is often translated as “universal life-force energy”. This energy flows into the practitioner, through their heart, and out their hands. By placing their hands on or above the client’s body, they are reconnected to this flow and its healing energy. This is a deeply relaxing and peace-giving experience that can soothe your nervous system, quiet the mind, open the heart and lighten the spirit. It can leave you a cleaner conduit in which to experience the world, and a clearer channel for all that you want to bring into it.