Jennifer Moonbrick

Jennifer Moonbrick is a part of the Beingdom referred to as humans. She is a medicine maker, fermentation nerd, witch, mother, consultant of spirits, and lover of the plant and multi-species world.

Jennifer was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee to multi-ethnic parents, namely of Korean, Japanese, Eastern European and Native American descent. Her love for her ancestral traditions has been carrying her on a path to practice preserving her own foods and looking to Mother Nature to provide offerings for healing the mind, body, and spirit. The plant world has been a most powerful ally and therefore she feels connected to all the time-honored ways in which we as women can preserve and nourish our earthly bodies through fermented foods, dialogue, reverence for nature and medicinal herbs from the land and sea. She has journeyed from Knoxville, to New York city, to the Bay Area and Sonoma County. After graduating from the California Institute of Integral Studies and having a baby, she is now reconnecting back to her Appalachian home in Tennessee with her family and exploring the medicine of place.

Currently she can be found covered in mystery, writing recipes, deciphering baby language, fermenting and pickling all sorts of roots and shoots, making medicines, and creating a homestead with her husband, Earl and son, Castle.


Jennifer Moonbrick will be sharing Ancient Wisdom, Modern Fermentation: Kimchi + Doenjang