Jana Nicol

Jana Nicol

Jana Nicol is a mother, body worker and Lomi Lomi Healing Arts practitioner, initiated medium In the Umbandaime lineage and is a facilitator/ leader of the Trabalhos (works)(ceremonies) of the Santo Daime lineage. Twenty one years ago she encountered the spiritual branch of Umbandaime and teachers, Maria alice Campos Freire and Clara Iura in the community Ceu do Mapia in the Amazon forest, Brazil. Maria Alice and Clara are pioneers in the mediumship work of Umbandaime and Members of the council of the 13 indigenous Grandmothers.

Jana has a lived and studied with their teacher Baixinha and her spiritual school in the state of Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Baixinha was a mother of Saints in the line of Afro- Brazilian Umbanda and an spiritual medium to guide Caboclo Tupinamba. The unique work of Umbandaime brings together lineages of spiritism, Afro-Brazilian cosmology, and Ayahuasca Traditions (Santo Daime)

Jana has also studied with other spiritual mentors including Hawaiian Kumu Aunty Margaret Machado (Ho’oponopono, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi), Madrinhas Rita, Julia and Cristina, Dalvina Corrente, Gecila Texeira and Cedella Marley Booker, mother of Bob Marley.

Jana continues to learn, work and develop within the lineages of these sacred plants and spiritual mediumship, with great dedication to her spiritual work and honoring the legacy of her mentors. She is an advocate of peace and healing in her community, upholding a great responsibility to her work with her spiritual guides, teachers and her responsibility within the Santo Daime tradition . Jana resides on the enchanted Island of Kaua’i, Hawaii with her son Kalani (13)and Daughter Kika (2). She is a resident therapist at Angeline’s Mu’olaulani and she also creates one of a kind jewelry from the finest resources, reflecting nature and the elements of her Amazonian and Ocean guides.


Jana will be sharing Spiritism and Mediumship.