Jana Cruder

I am passionate about bringing a holistic awareness to women’s health concerns. Let’s return to our roots, lets look at the bigger picture of illness, dis-ease manifestations and body imbalances, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and support your healing journey. I’ve studied a variety of healing modalities since the age of 15 and was inspired to further my training after a personal experience reversing ovarian cysts, breast cysts and HPV. I am passionate about sharing truths of how each of us holds the keys to our own healing and how our mind, body, and spirit are intrinsically connected. Empowering women through education, hands on healing, and self care directives, using various modalities including herbal medicine, Ayurvedic theory, massage, system detoxification’s, emotional release, plant medicine and lifestyle modifications.

I am a Gerson Detox Certified Juice Therapist and Ayurvedic Specialist with extensive knowledge in breast and reproductive health, detoxification and emotional clearing. Helping to empower you to navigate chronic pain, reproductive imbalances and unwind symptoms. Supporting your body to return to a place of vital health.

You are your body’s healer. Together lets cultivate the tools to listen to your body’s deepest needs and draw a road-map back to balance state of being.


Jana Cruder will be sharing River of Life: Holistic Breast Health