Jai Maa: Shakti Sadhana

Jai Maa ~ Shakti Sadhana: Cultivating a daily ritual to honor the Divine Mother

Our busy lives are yearning for ritual. Our hearts are crying out to reconnect to the Sacred, to remember our innate embodiment of the divine feminine, right here, in this very moment. In this workshop you’ll learn how to invoke a daily spiritual practice (sadhana) as a way to celebrate the Divine Mother and connect deeper to your Self. Learn puja (offering ritual), mantra, mudra, meditations and other practices to create a personal ritual to honor the Goddess. Through mythology, storytelling and song, we’ll explore the Maha Shakti various forms. Based on Shakti traditions of nondual Tantra, you will go home with practical tools for implementing your own daily ritual for wisdom, empowerment and divine love.

Jai Maa – Shakti Sadhana will be shared by Hannah Muse