Jaguar Womban
Oshun Activation Wombsteam Ritual

Jaguar Womban
Oshun Activation Wombsteam Ritual


Join Jaguar Womban for a Divine Mother Channeled Transmission + virtual live group WombSteam to activate your connection to the Goddess Oshun, mother of creativity, sensuality and the Beauty Way.


In this virtual gathering you will learn the history, technology and basic “how-to” of the WombSteam Ritual and be guided in a step-by-step preparation process of how to find out the ingredients and tools needed for your WombSteam and what to expect from the experience. You will be guided through each step of the process of creating your bowl and we will experience the power of this prayer together. Each time we deliberately synchronize our creation portals to each other and to Mother Earth we wake up the JOY and BEAUTY that is our birthright and learn how to protect and empower ourselves, our land, and our tribe on a physical, mental, and spiritual plane as a New Earth Consciousness is orgasmically born.

In keeping with our Sacred Intention to deliberately synchronize our Womb Frequency, please purchase your Oshun Activation Ritual Kit created by Jaguar Womban in collaboration with Elise Higley of Oshala Farms

Please read instructions below and support Jaguar Womban by purchasing your Oshun WombSteam Ritual kit to prepare for Virtual Ceremony.


Goddess Oshún Invocation Ritual


ALL Womb Frequencies are welcome:



Please have the following on the call:

*full electric kettle to boil water

*large / low / wide ceramic or glass bowl (approx: 10in wide + 4in deep)

*wooden spoon

*Altar items / (sunflowers, yellow candle, crystals, photographs of maternal lineage, etc)

*journal and pen (for any epiphanies received)

*Large sheet or textile to cover lower body and hold in the steam (preferably YELLOW or WHITE)

*Plant Medicine Potion Blend  (please order via Oshala Farms using link provided)

*Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (about a handful)

*Please have your Ritual area Fully set up at the time of the session.

*Please come prepared with any additional support you will need for your body to remain in the kneeling or squatting position for an extended period of time.

(i.e. yoga blocks, pillow or chair to brace on)

*Please set up your video with access to an outlet to boil your water in your electric kettle.


During the call, you will be guided through the step-by-step process of creating our steam bowl and moving into the steam position.

We will move through the process together.

Those who do not feel able to steam but do feel called to be in the vibration of the call are still welcome to join as their presence will synchronize with the Frequency and build the energy.

If you are on your Moon Cycle (menstruation / period) Please still join the call. This is a powerful time to hold space with the energetics of the group and you will receive options for your experience during the call.

If you are pregnant it is not suggested to steam.


What is most important is that we approach and interact with these energies with RESPECT and HUMILITY.

For this reason I ask that you wear white and cover your head. If you feel called to form part of the Co-created moment then your presence is welcome.

Please respect the sacred origins of this powerful Ceremony and only participate if you feel called to be an ACTIVE part of this ancient ritual of Prayer.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for”


Jaguar Womban is a multidimensional healing artist and Medicine Woman. She is an intuitive herbalist, ancestral channel, poet and teacher who shares ways to connect to Mother Earth using plant medicine and ceremony. In both her private TEAsessions and WombSteam circles, Jaguar teaches the ancient technique of WombSteaming as a Ritual of Prayer and a Sacred Tool to connect us to our Womb Wisdom and Divine Internal Guidance System.

Jaguar’s journey into the mystical began when she was struck by a car while on foot, and had a Death Experience (NDE) that left her in a coma with a diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury. This began her healing journey of re-learning walking, talking, reading, writing and social skills. She was first shuffled through traditional western medicine and rehabilitation and after not attaining the healing she desired, sought out a path of her ancestral traditions. On her journey, she experienced a solo pilgrimage of spiritual and physical transformation that formed her unique Jaguar Medicine to bring the power of these life-changing rituals to others.

Jaguar is an attuned Master Healer, Yoga Alliance certified Hatha Yoga instructor, Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Yoga instructor, Homebirth Doula, Thai Yoga bodywork and Vedantic Fire Ritual practitioner. She has an MA in Creative Writing/Poetry and is recipient of the Zora Neale Hurston Writing Scholarship from Naropa University.She is a powerful performer who has shared her work at notable venues such as The Cornelia Street Café and The Bowery Poetry Club.

In both her healing work and creative expression, she incorporates her study and practice of Shamanism, Sanskrit mantra, sound healing, breathwork, afro-Caribbean plant medicine, movement, and ceremony. She works individually and in groups in Spanish, French and English.