Jade Egg Liberation

Jade Egg Liberation

The Jade Egg is a beautiful, holistic self-care practice that has ancient Taoist roots going back to 100 B.C. Considered a practice for priestesses to cultivate high levels of spiritual energy, it was also taught to royal courtesans to maintain youth, beauty, and vitality.

I believe that the jade egg is having a moment in modern culture because humanity is ready to transition to the next level of evolutionary consciousness. Women are leading the way.

Our vaginas and sexual energy are the source of our power and creativity. The world is so in need of our power and creativity right now.

The Divine Feminine is rising to not only balance and harmonize masculine and feminine energies, but to also help heal our individual and collective pain-body around slavery, racism, colonization, sexism, and misogyny. This process is holistic, trauma-informed, and a spiritual transformation at its core.

The jade egg practice is unique in how it offers women:
– a regular practice to release guilt, shame, judgement, and fear and replace it with celebration, love and joy
– the ability to heal and integrate sexual, racialized, ancestral, intergenerational and trauma
– a tangible tool with a practical process that gives women a container and structure for doing healing work as well as enhancing their pleasure and sexual potential.

In this 3-hour experience you will learn about:

– the origin of the jade egg practice
– why jade?
– the many benefits of the practice (physical & psycho-emotional)
– how to maximize hygiene and safety
– a simple practice (with or without the egg inside), “yoni yoga”, to get you started and
– foundational energy/chi and breathwork practices to support you and your body on your healing journey

***If you already own a jade egg you are welcome to wear it or bring it to the workshop. If you’re using it for the first time, be sure that it is properly sanitized (gently boiled in water for 10 minutes AND cooled before use). Bring a blanket, pillow, and/or sarong to get cozy, as well as skin-friendly oil (almond, coconut, and jojoba are wonderful). Heather will provide unwaxed, unflavored dental floss. If you feel called, you will have the opportunity to purchase a 100% Nephrite Jade Egg (with drilled holes for easy removal using a string) from Heather at the end of our time together.


Jade Egg Liberation will be shared by Heather Rebecca Wilson