The Jade Door: Jade Egg Initiation

The Jade Door Jade Egg Initiation

This is an initiation we all should have received when we first started to bleed. The Egg is a symbol and a tool for the inherent alchemy of the female body. To be in conscious relationship to the symbol of the egg and to understand how to use the jade egg to maintain and thrive in the powers of the feminine principle is the birthright of being a woman.

The Jade Door Jade Egg Initiation is a ritual experience and shamanic ceremony to call back the personal powers that should have come home to our womb when we started to bleed. It is a receiving of the spark of divine feminine power in the center of the womb and the claiming of this space as sovereign for your own

In this initiation you will:

-Have a gentle and powerful soul retrieval of lost powers that should have been endowed inside you at puberty.

-Share in ritual song and dance with your sisters

-Receive a guided meditation experience of the Cosmic Energy Egg at the center of your womb-space.

-Get a chance to choose your jade egg in ritual context –one that will be your personal magical tool to serve your relationship with your Cosmic Energy Egg.


In this initiation you will not:

-Need to take off any clothes

-Do anything that makes you uncomfortable

-Put your jade egg or anything else inside your yoni



The Jade Door: Jade Egg Initiation will be shared by Kim Sierra Robinson