IUD Awareness Story Share : Are They Really Safe

IUD Awareness Story Share : Are They Really Safe

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Tamara experienced a severe health crisis (10 months of pure hell) before she finally figured out that her vast array of strange symptoms were indeed being caused by a copper Paragard IUD. She finally “made the connection”, got it removed and her symptoms started going away within 2 days!

Since that time, she has been in contact with hundreds of thousands of other women suffering from similar clusters of problems who are also undergoing the same challenges of figuring out how to detoxify & support our bodies to get back into balance following this poisoning. Due to the prevalence of these stories and the seeming denial by most health care professionals that these problems are indeed linked to IUD use, she founded the organization called IUD Awareness – Are They Really Safe? http://www.iudawareness.org and became an admin for the Facebook support group called “IUD Side Effects: Paragard, Mirena, Skyla & Liletta, etc…” https://www.facebook.com/groups/iudsideeffects/ which has grown from 1,800 members to almost 40,000 members in around 7 years time! Following a Facebook post going viral in early 2022 and reaching over 10 million people, we had 16,000 members join our group in just 3 weeks.

The literature boasts that IUDs are “the safest and most effective form of birth control”; yet, in almost every conversation where the subject is brought up there have been a minimum of one and often at least two stories of other women’s negative and often life altering or threatening experiences‚Ķ. many of them dating back 35+ years. It seems that a large number of people have been affected by these devices in one way or another.

Please join us to learn more about what the early warning signs are, share your personal IUD story, listen to other women’s experiences and/or help us figure out how to spread awareness instead of misinformation. It is essential that we all learn how to listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us!

More information about IUD’s and their safety can be found on the website http://www.iudawareness.org
The conversations happening there and on the support groups are both inspiring and disturbing.

Please share this information far & wide as conversations need to be started and women need to trust their intuition and listen to their bodies, instead of letting practitioners tell them that these side effects are normal and acceptable.

IUD Awareness will be shared by Tamara Wilder