Isimot Adewuyi

Isimot Adewuyi is an Herbalist, Ceremonialist, Moon Priestess and a lover of the Earth. She actively fuses both herbal medicine and ceremony to bring women together to heal themselves and the earth physically and spiritually. The goal for her work is to allow others to reawaken their dependency and relationship to the natural ways of health and wellness that she believes is innate within us.

“Specifically, when women get together and sit in circle with the plants healing happens on a level far beyond the third dimensional sense. When we faithfully combine plants, women and ritual we heal and nurture ancestral wounds, fill present voids and shine a light of prosperity and fruitful karma for the future generations that will walk this earth when we are no longer in this manifestation.” – Isimot A.

Isimot Adewuyi will be sharing ‘The Herbal Red Tent‘ and ‘Practical Magic: Herbal First Aid For All”