Iris Koski

Iris lives in and explores the mountains, rivers and coastlines of southern Oregon and northern California, and tends to view the world at the scale of Bioregion. She conducted her graduate studies in ecology at Humboldt State University. Iris is a wildlife biologist, restoration ecologist, and educator, having studied and taught all over the Pacific Northwest and as far afield as Patagonia. She has researched birds throughout many mountain ranges and has monitored salmon spawning in deep river canyons, spending countless nights under the stars and watching many a solo sunrise in the process.
She is constantly endeavoring to break down perceived boundaries between external and internal landscapes. Iris is fascinated with the concept of applying ecological understanding towards the understanding of the self. Deep Ecology is resonant in her philosophy, which understands that the current ecological crisis we face is rooted in social crisis. Therefore, a healing of the environment begins with a healing of ourselves. What is equally true is that true is that the process of becoming attuned with the natural world brings about significant advancement in the human condition.


Iris will be teaching Reinhabitation~ Residing in nature’s house.