Intuitive Weaving

Intuitive Weaving

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Becoming Weaver, Intuitively Weaving

Intuitively, we all have powers of creation. As we create a more conscious relationship with Self, our intuition lights up and becomes more easily known, trusted.

In this Intuitive Weaving Circle, we will commune with the intentionally chosen plant essences of a weaver potion, be taken through a guided visualization, will conjure and welcome in The Weaver at the center of our being, the center of all our relationships, our intuitive Self, and we will invite our intuition into the meditative ritual practice of weaving.

“Intuitive Weaving is a practice I see as a personal rite of passage in exploring the internal relationships of Self, clearing the airwaves to call in the Weaver of creation in all of us.”

We will be weaving on simple frame looms and creating a small woven piece. All are welcome regardless of weaving experience.

Danielle Garber will be sharing Intuitive Weaving