Intuitive Tarot 101

This offering intends to empower participants to develop their own intuitive relationship with the Tarot. There is so much information available in books and online about the Tarot, but the true meaning and significance of the cards lies in the hands and hearts of the individual querent. We will start with an overview of the Major and Minor Arcana, looking at many different decks, observing the nuance of symbol, and going over a few introductory and “freestyle” spreads. We will examine the Fool’s Journey through the Major Arcana, map the landscape of the deck through the repetitive imagery of the cards, and discover the mirrors that the archetypes hold up for one another. We will learn how to channel all the juicy gossip from the Major Arcana and shatter any stigmas or notions about “right” or “wrong” card meanings. We will discuss ways to incorporate Tarot and archetypal work into a spiritual practice. Participants will come away from this workshop more intuitively rooted in their approach to working with the magic of this ancient oracle.

Intuitive Tarot 101 will be shared by Emily Hexe