Intuitive Sculpture

Intuitive Sculpture

Intuitive Sculpture: Amulets, Talismans and Ceremonial Objects

For thousands of years people have worn, carried and used objects for protection, luck, celebration and ritual. These objects have been variously found, altered, crafted, inscribed and blessed. What gives these creations meaning is the intent and belief of the human maker and user – that we are all creative, magical beings.

Intuition is the artist’s most valuable tool when creating any object – it is a direct connection to Spirit. The urgency to unfold ideas from an uninhibited place happens through spontaneous discovering and inventing of materials and methods. In this workshop Mary Grisey and Natalie Novak will guide you in creating your own intuitive sculpture. Let yourself be inspired by Spirit and the physicality of natural materials through experiential exploration and creation.

We will use various modes of fiber-based techniques (knotting, wrapping, stitching and weaving) utilizing natural materials from our Earth, (sticks, stones, fur, silk, wool, feathers, hemp, rope, horsehair and bones), to create an amulet for protection – a talisman used in your own personal rituals to attract soul expansion and power.

A wide variety of materials will be provided to work with. Please feel free to bring any meaningful objects or materials that you might like to incorporate into your sculpture.

Intuitive Sculpture will be offered by Mary Grisey and Natalie Novak.