Intuitive Reiki Healing with Eryn Johnson

Intuitive Reiki Healing with Eryn Johnson

Eryn Johnson is a Philly-based witch, intuitive, and creative. The foundation of her work is energetic and based on the belief that there’s nothing wrong with you– we are simply programmed from a young age to forget the truth of who we are.

She uses Reiki, tarot, breathwork, movement, and storytelling to bring her back to herself and to bring you back to you- back to your power, back to your magic, back to your intuition. She is also the host of the Living Open podcast for mystics and seekers, a storytelling tool here to help facilitate soul expansion and evolution.

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Reiki is a powerful yet gentle energy healing modality intended to return you to your soul’s essence, which is love. Reiki can help you open to a flow of creative energy, connect to your intuition, pull shadows up to the surface for integration and healing, release and clear blockages in your energy, connect to Source, relieve physical pain and discomfort, open to your own healing power, reach a calm meditative state, and more.

Everyone’s experience with Reiki is different, but during your session you may experience color, visuals, vibration, pulsing, or tingling. Typically, you will walk away feeling lighter, more balanced, and more open.

In this hour and fifteen minute long Reiki session, we will set intentions for your experience together. You will receive Reiki and I will channel any messages spirit has for you, which I will share with you after the Reiki.